Best Budget Redmi Wireless Earbud Under 1500

Just Launched

Sleek & Stylish Design

Make a true style statement


You’ll forget they’re even on

12-Hour Playback

Go charger free for hours with charging case

Voice Assistance

Compatible with Android & iOS devices

Easy to Pair

Get started anywhere with automatic pairing

DSP Environmental Noise Cancellation

During calls, DSP ENC delivers your voice crystal clear on the receiving end

Compact Case

So you can charge your earbuds on the go

Bluetooth 5.0

Let nothing slow you down with fast & stable connection

Multi-Function Button

Access it all with the press of a button

IPX4 Rated

Enjoy the spills with splash & sweat proof design

Single & Dual Earbuds Use

Easily switch between stereo and mono

DearJoy Cotton Baby Sofa

Keeps Your Baby Safe & Happy
Beautiful Design

It turns out that the bright colors used to make this chair are very suitable for your baby and also suitable for use in your child’s room.

Ideal For Infants

This pure cotton toddler sofa and training chair are made of soft cotton fabric and proved to be ideal for babies’ delicate skin

Safe & Comfortable

This baby sofa and training chair is not only safe but also very comfortable for your child.

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Dhyana - The world's first meditation tracker
World's First Meditation Tracker

Dhyana- World's First Meditation Tracker

The world’s first meditation tracker to help you master mindfulness

Dayana has an accurate PPG sensor that can be adjusted to accurately obtain heart rate variability.

  • Use HRV to track your meditation
  • Real-time biofeedback to understand your mediation situation
  • Get a detailed report after each meeting
  • 15 days battery life + wireless charging

Yes, it does. It is suitable for Spotify, Youtube, etc.

Meditation is a smart ring that analyzes your meditation. It uses a high-precision heart rate variability sensor to analyze your mental state, that is, your breathing, relaxation and concentration.

It comes with a mobile app that allows you to track these details when you meditate on the amazing content in our app, or when you choose to meditate on the content in any other app or platform.

The purpose of analyzing our meditation is to learn how we get meditation, followed by the habit of getting 21 minutes of true mindfulness every day. This is important because this research shows that the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded in 2009. The research shows that 21 minutes of attention per day can reverse your biological clock and make your body rejuvenate at the cellular level.

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